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At the East Midlands Implant Centre we are able to offer a full discussion of your dental treatment needs in a relaxed and unhurried way

Dental Treatment Prices & Plans

After a thorough assessment (with any necessary x-rays) we will give you a written treatment plan, detailing the exact cost of any proposed treatment so you will know exactly what it is likely to cost you before you agree to it.

Due to the overall cost of implant treatments, we will agree convenient staged payments, to be made at various stages of the treatment as we proceed.

If you want to budget for your dental care ...

We accept cash, cheque, Mastercard, Visa, Switch, Delta and Solo, but for those who prefer monthly budgeting, we can introduce you to companies who will lend you the cost of the treatment which you can pay off monthly over a period to suit your budget.

You have the choice of a leading brand or a good budget brand.

Budget Brand Prices

Description Price
Implant, post, screw & crown £1,946.70
Additional implant & crown £1,622.25
Additional implant & crown over six £1,514.10
Two implants, studs & acrylic (plastic) overdenture £3,568.95
Four implants, studs & acrylic (plastic) overdenture £6,407.85
Additional fee for metal plate in overdenture £259.55
6 implants, 10 crowns/bridge £11,021.00

Our leading brand implant prices

Description Price
One implant including post, screw & crown (PMP) £2,472.00
Two implants, two posts, screws & crowns (PMP) £4,738.00
Three implants, three posts, screws & crowns (PMP) £6,798.00
Four implants, four posts, screws & crowns (PMP) £8,652.00
Five implants, five posts, screws & crowns (PMP) £10,300.00
Six implants, six posts, screws & crowns £11,742.00
Two implants, studs & acrylic (plastic) overdenture £4,429.00
Metal & acrylic stud retained overdenture (two implants) £4,676.20
Acrylic bar retained overdenture (two Implants) £5,356.00
Metal & acrylic bar retained overdenture (two Implants) £5,603.20
Six implants ten crowns/bridge units (PMP) £13,390.00
Five Implants, ten crowns/bridge units (PMP) £12,360.00
Implant incl Zirconia post, screw & ceramic crown £2,884.00
Augmentation same visit, one material £452.25
Augmentation same visit, two materials £652.60
Augmentation separate visit, one material £563.70
Augmentation separate visit, two materials £752.70
Block bone graft £776.95
Own bone particles separate visit graft £285.90
Sinus lift (single) £1,189.65
Bilateral (both sides) sinus lift £1,730.40
Four mini implants including retainers £2,505.75
Five mini implants including retainers £2,768.90

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We are able to offer the full dental implantation and cosmetic dentistry service. Specialising in single tooth replacements, overdentures and bridgework.

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